It is an expectation of Armthorpe Academy for all students to be prepared for learning and this includes bringing the correct equipment to school.

Students should always bring a school bag, along with a black pen, a pencil and a ruler.  Y7 also need to bring their planner everyday.

Black pens can now be purchased at break time / lunch time from South Hall and T5 via the students catering account using their thumb print or 4 digit pin code. If students have cash they need to use the machine in south block to top up funds on their catering account.


  • Amazing start to the Coding Club for Girls @ArmthorpeDN3. Looking forward to the next one! #codingforgirls #microbit #STEM

  • With such strong teacher role models how could they not? Well done @JeniMartin1 and team

  • Loving seeing our @ArmthorpeDN3 Maths Ambassadors volunteering one lunch time every week to help their peers to improve #teacherlife #maths #peersupport #inspiration

  • Fantastic idea @MissHolmesCS and a great opportunity too

  • Computer Science as a subject is taken by a low number of females in schools, colleges and universities, over 80% of the CS workforce are male. I am hoping an introduction of a 'Coding for Girls' club will give girls @ArmthorpeDN3 the opportunity to gain confidence in coding.