Faculty Leader: John Hancock

Teacher of Health & Social Care, 2 i/c: Nicola Jackson
Teacher of Psychology: Nina Chadwick
Teacher of History: Jamie Law
Lead Teacher of History: Karen Sowden
Vice Principal: Michael Woodstones

The Humanities Vision:

We are on a journey with our students to create knowledgeable and well informed future citizens who have a balanced well educated view of the world and seek to make an active contribution to it all levels of society.  We aim to equip our students with the skills and resilience to have a positive contribution on the world, and a clear understand of themselves, but also the world issues, past, present and future.

The Curriculum KS3:

In KS3 we focus upon a Learning and Thinking Skills curriculum in year 7. The curriculum is broad in approach and covers history, geography and citizenship content. Currently we are focusing on Ancient Empires and the history and geography of sport which covers four hours per week. We then focus entirely on history in year 8, giving a broad, chronological development of Britain from 1066 to 2018. This is for 2 hours per week

Students are given the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of physical and human Geography and the impact that it can have on the world. Part of their learning involves them carrying out research tasks and presenting their ideas back to the class.

Topics covered in Year 8 include:

  • Geographical skills, including map skills.
  • Coasts-causes of coastal erosion and the impact on coastal regions.
  • Rivers-from the source to the mouth of a river and the process at each stage.
  • Ecosystems-animal and plant habitats, including tropical rainforests such as the Amazon.
  • Climate change-the causes, consequences and solutions to climate change.
  • Development-how poorer countries can become more developed and why some countries are wealthier than others.

Within Ethics students have looked in depth into, Crime and Punishment, Justice, Peace and Conflict and Life and Death. Lesson tasks included research and in depth debates, ensuring students have developed a GCSE style approach to analysing the different views within society as well as making personal and critical responses to the lesson topic.

The Curriculum KS4:

In KS4 we focus entirely on GCSE history content. Topics covered include: Changes in Health and Medicine c500 to the present day; The Elizabethan Age 1558-1603; The British on the Western Front; USA-A Nation of Contrasts; The Development of Germany, 1919-1991. This is 2-3 hours per week.

Psychology is the study of human mind and behaviour, taking various theories and environmental issues into account. Students are challenged to complete A level standard work on topics including:

  • Development – How did you develop?
  • Memory – How does your memory work?
  • Psychological problems – How would psychological problems affect you?
  • The brain and neuropsychology – How does your brain affect you?
  • Social influence – How do others affect you?
  • Criminal psychology – Why do people become criminals?
  • Sleep and dreaming – Why do you need sleep? – Why do we dream?
  • Language, thought and communication – How do you communicate with others?
  • Research methods – How do you carry out psychological research?

Geography at KS4 follows the Eduqas Geography B specification which is a broad thematic approach to Geography.  Students study topics as diverse as the centre of London to the Amazonian Rainforest with studies of Nike and McDonalds thrown in.  The Geography course is very much a skills based course that puts emphasis on higher order skill development such as justification, evaluation and the traditional Geographical skills set.  The course asks key questions throughout and gives the students an insight into the big global questions that affect us all such as globalisation, global warming and population increase in LIC’s.

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