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Doncaster Book Award Launch October 2018

Excelsior Award 2018

This is the 6th year that Armthorpe Academy has been involved in a collaborative project with Doncaster Public Libraries literacy team and the Excelsior Award, which celebrates the mighty Stan Lee through the power of reading and comics.

For the past two terms, a group of year 7 boys have been engaged with a shortlist of eight titles, a mixture of Manga and Graphic Novels covering a broad genre with something to appeal to every taste. Helen Foster and Tom Wilcock from the Schools Library Service Literacy Team deliver part of the scheme of work, and help students to develop their own comic with their own Superhero/Villain! We look at how we can tell a story with pictures, text boxes and onomatopoeia, as well as narrative development and characterisation.

This year we had some outstanding artwork with unique storylines and quirky comic titles; such as The Truth, Dared-Evil, Cuddle Team-Leader and Jeff!  Everyone in the group contributed to discussions and shared their opinions on which book should win this year’s award.  The finale session was celebrated on ACE day where all the boys did a presentation about Stan Lee, the award and different comic characters. Prizes for best comic went to Brandon for “The Truth” and Cameron for “Green-Leaf”.

This year’s winning books were DC’s Batman: The War of Jokes and Riddles and the JABBICA (Judge a Book by Its Cover Award) chosen by teachers and librarians was Slam Vol 1.

Lesley Hurworth

Library Resource Centre Manger

In preparation for the Doncaster Book Award’s “Poetry Slam” taking place on the 12th of June at Doncaster Dome, (sponsored by DFS), students at Armthorpe Academy were delighted to be able to participate in a workshop led by renowned performance poet Ash Dickinson.

Ash came all the way from Edinburgh to guide our students in all things poetic! He first started by performing some of his own work on subjects such as Leicester City Football Club and Shower Gel, then telling us about how he started out writing poetry.

Ash then led students through all forms of poetry writing, from HAIKU and Acrostic to Narrative and Couplet.

Armthorpe students produced some fabulous work, and the morning ended with some outstanding performances. Ash commented on how wonderful Armthorpe students had conducted themselves and said it was a real pleasure working with them.

Armthorpe students will be performing their poetic creations in front of 400 attendees at the Dome……let the Slam begin!

Lesley Hurworth

School Librarian/Director and Chair DBA

Sheffield Cathedral rang to the sound of success when Doncaster Book Award chairman/director and resource centre manager at Armthorpe Academy, Lesley Hurworth (above), was presented with the Duke Of York’s Community Initiative (DOYCI) award by HRH Prince Andrew. Once the official presentations were over, Prince Andrew gave a short speech where he thanked everyone present for their efforts, speaking very sincerely and expressing his gratitude for the fantastic work being done by all groups recognised.

Books Defeat The ‘Beast From The East’ On World Book Day, please click here to read more.

Wishing the best of luck to any of our ex-students collecting A Level results tomorrow. We’d love to know where you are off to next!

Just WOW! Working with @ArmthorpeDN3 and their EA from @nextofficial has been a real pleasure. Students have designed a sofa to fit a brief, presented to experts at NEXT and visted the site to see the winning design be made. #CareersEducation at it's best! #EANbestbits @CareerEnt

Wishing staff & students a wonderful summer break. We’re looking forward to seeing you in September, refreshed & ready for a new academic year @ArmthorpeDN3 @BuileHAcademy @EllesmerePark @heworthgrange @MoorsideHigh @thornhill_uk @WSPost @WyvernAcademy

Magical day at the Harry Potter Experience 🕷

Fab last lesson with Y7s this week at @ArmthorpeDN3 . When revision meets creativity!