Mathematics, Business & Computing Faculty

Miss J MartinTeacher of Mathematics / Faculty Leader
Mr T ScotlandTeacher of Mathematics / 2nd i/c
Miss K HolmesLead Teacher of ICT, Computing & Business
Mrs S KenyonTeacher of Business Studies
Mr A PeirsonTeacher of Mathematics / Principal
Miss P PowellTeacher of Mathematics
Mr N ThompsonConsilium Director of Mathematics

All members of the faculty are passionate about teaching maths and engaging students. Our aim is to help students overcome any difficulties they may have and to enjoy their maths lessons. We aim to provide an environment where students feel comfortable and confident whatever their ability.

The Curriculum

Maths – Students are taught to become fluent and develop their mathematical reasoning in the core maths skills they will need throughout life and for their GCSEs, for example multiplication and division, averages, simplifying algebraic expressions. Once these are embedded they apply them through problem solving tasks with a real life theme.

ICT and Computer Science – students complete an ICT passport which covers common ICT skills required across curriculum areas. They then complete 1/2 termly projects covering a variety of skills using different software. Students are introduced to programming problems and cover a variety of skills to enable them to successfully solve given problems. This includes practical programming and computer science theory.

GCSE Mathematics

Students study the full GCSE course throughout Y9 and Y10. They work individually and in groups on key skills in lessons. They will then have plenty of opportunities to apply these to exam questions and real life problems throughout the years. Assessments are given every half term in Year 9 and 10 with a formal Mock exam given in December of Year 10. There are a further two Mock exams in Year 10, one in Spring and one in Summer.

During Year 11 students are taught based on the topics they need to work on, this information is taken from the Mock exams they have done in Y10. They have 3 Mock exams through Y11, December, one in March and one in the weeks building up to their GCSE exam in May/June.

GCSE Business

Students across Y9, Y10 and Y11 currently study 3 units which are a combination of controlled assessment and exam.


Students continue to gain new practical skills in order to complete the controlled assessment and undertake theory lessons each week to cover the 6 required exam topics.

GCSE Computer Science

Students complete 2 controlled assessments and continue to learn practical programming techniques. They have a theory lesson each week to cover the necessary topics required for the final exam.

Beyond the classroom

  • Students in Y11 are given the opportunity to be in a maths intervention form during registration and also invited to Maths Revision which is held every Thursday after school all year round.
  • The staff in the MBCI Faculty are always willing to help and can quite often be found after school helping students who have stayed back for extra support.

Apprentice Learning Support Assistant, Armthorpe Academy, Doncaster

Apprentice Learning Zone Assistant, Armthorpe Academy, Doncaster

Just had a great day talking Careers Strategy with @rebeccawhyles at @ArmthorpeDN3 There's nothing quite like walking around a school and actually seeing the impact of all the hard work our Careers Leaders have been putting in over the last year! #CELP

Good luck to all of our Y11 and Y10 students sitting GCSE exams this week! Your hard work will pay off 👍

Looking forward to welcoming back all of our staff and students tomorrow!

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