Practical & Design Faculty

Mr A PetrieTeacher of PE / Faculty Leader
Miss M KellyTeacher of PE / 2nd i/c
Mr G HutchinsonTeacher of Art
Mr J MartinTeacher of PE
Mrs J ReidTeacher of Food Technology
Mrs L Le-GrysTeacher of Resistant Materials Technology
Mr P SowerbyTeacher of Drama/Performing Arts
Miss L StothardTeacher of Dance
Mr K BrayApprentice


Our aim is to provide a creative environment where students can develop into independent learners, preparing them for either further education or practical work in the wider world.

The faculty has been combined to accommodate all the practically based subjects and to share experiences and broaden knowledge across the curriculum. Our facilities include designated woodwork and metalwork rooms, two specialists catering facilities, a large Performing Arts space, a Sports Hall, gymnasium, Astroturf for multi-sport use, traditional courts and a large playing field. These facilities and subject specific staff we are dedicated to raising the achievement of all students.

The Curriculum

The focus of the key stage 3 curriculum is a combination of practical and theory content designed to allow the students to creatively explore a full range of techniques and skills which will either set up their Key Stage 4 option or to be used further to their school life. We aim to equip the students with interpersonal skills such as independence, leadership attributes and communication skills every lesson, which will develop students for their future within education both at Armthorpe Academy and further.

GCSE-Graphic Communication (Art and Design) (AQA)

The Graphic Design course is concerned with producing images and arranging written and visual information for print. Students learn to experiment with image-making and using images with text. Typography, illustration, packaging and printmaking are taught and used in combination. Drawing from first hand sources is an important element of the course, as is the design process, charted through work books. Students will also have the opportunity to explore their own photography and use software such as Adobe Photoshop.

GCSE- Catering/ Food and Nutrition (WJEC)

This course requires a combination of practically based coursework designed to stretch and challenge the students with their techniques within cooking and baking. The theory which underpins this requires to students to assess the foods nutrition values and to design a menu, which meets their specification which they will make for their practical exam. The theory exam for this course assesses a blend of knowledge about different food groups and difference catering techniques.

GCSE-Design Technology (AQA Art, Craft & Design)

This is a blend of coursework, both practical and theory producing a portfolio of evidence in accordance with the design brief. The coursework requires the students to research, design, and market their product for the world today. Then then must make the product with resistant materials suited to their specification. Students have the opportunity to use their own creativity in establishing their product, with the support of staff to produce it.

GCSE-Physical Education (OCR Cambridge National Sports Studies)

In the Physical Education course the students are assessed in three ways; Practical Sport, Coursework and an Exam. The practical sport is a combination of team and individual sports which are assessed by the exam board through external moderation. The students have flexibility in choosing convention sport taught through KS3 and KS4 games, as well as many sports which students compete in external to school. The coursework requires the students to assess their own strengths and weakness and producing either a written piece, a presentation or can verbally answer questions. The exam tests a range of subjects around Physical Education; Anatomy and Physiology, Sociology of Sport, Psychology of Sport and what constitutes a Healthy Active Lifestyle.

GCSE-Performing Arts- (Btec Tech Award)

This is a blend of coursework, both practical and theory producing a portfolio of evidence in accordance with a brief. The coursework requires the students to research and examine other practitioners work, developing skills and techniques within a performing arts setting and have the opportunity to use their own creativity in responding to a brief.


Wishing the best of luck to any of our ex-students collecting A Level results tomorrow. We’d love to know where you are off to next!

Just WOW! Working with @ArmthorpeDN3 and their EA from @nextofficial has been a real pleasure. Students have designed a sofa to fit a brief, presented to experts at NEXT and visted the site to see the winning design be made. #CareersEducation at it's best! #EANbestbits @CareerEnt

Wishing staff & students a wonderful summer break. We’re looking forward to seeing you in September, refreshed & ready for a new academic year @ArmthorpeDN3 @BuileHAcademy @EllesmerePark @heworthgrange @MoorsideHigh @thornhill_uk @WSPost @WyvernAcademy

Magical day at the Harry Potter Experience 🕷

Fab last lesson with Y7s this week at @ArmthorpeDN3 . When revision meets creativity!