Free School Meals Eligibility Checker – Pupil Premium

At Armthorpe Academy we strive to ensure that all students are given every opportunity to succeed and achieve their full potential.

 If your child is eligible for ‘Free School Meals’ and you register them for this, we will receive extra funding called ‘Pupil Premium’. This additional funding is used to improve the educational provision and resources at the academy. 

We encourage all parents to apply irrespective of their income.

FSM Information Letter February 2019

Click the Button to check your child’s eligibility for Free School Meals

Fabulous opportunity for Y9 @ Next in Doncaster. Encounters with employers and employees (#Gatsby Benchmark 5) @ArmthorpeDN3 @CatterallZoe @Lee_Dougl

Cover Supervisor, Armthorpe Academy, Doncaster

Teacher of Drama/Performing Arts, Armthorpe Academy, Doncaster

To all our Yr11 & Yr13 students @ArmthorpeDN3 @BuileHillVAC @EllesmerePark @heworthgrange @MoorsideHigh @thornhill_uk @WSPost @WyvernAcademy approaching the mid point of their exams. Keep going, full energy, it will be worth it! #potential

Learning Zone Assistant, Armthorpe Academy, Doncaster