Home Access

Home Access allows you to access your work from home or away from school using a Web Browser and your existing school Login details. ​These login details are the same Username and password used within school to gain access to the computer network.

Click on the Home Access logo above. Enter your usual school username and password. Click on the login button and it will take you to the Home Access screen where you have an icon to ‘View my Files’, ‘Access My Emails’ and to ‘VLE’.

Please note: It is advised when working on files through Home Access that you save the files you wish to work on to your home computer, edit them locally on your home computer and then upload the files back to the school network. There is an upload button near the top left of the folder structure.

Should you wish to use the extended version of Home Access (which includes drag and drop, so you can drag work from school folders to home folders and vice-versa) you need a product called Microsoft Silverlight loaded on your PC at home. This is available as a download from the Internet or click here to be directed to the download.