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About Consilium

Consilium Academies is a multi-academy Trust working across the North of England. It has nine academy schools located in Yorkshire, the North West, and the North East. Consilium is dedicated to enriching lives and inspiring ambitions for both students and colleagues.

Behaviour for Learning

Approach to behaviour

The expectation is that all students and staff will behave in appropriate and socially acceptable ways.  We expect everyone to be a leader; this means doing the right thing when no-one is watching. Every member of staff has a key role to play in promoting and sustaining the highest standards of behaviour for learning. The academy has high expectations of students both in and out of the classroom. The Behaviour Policy is set up in a manner to ‘catch students being good’ to encourage positive choices; the Stages of Behaviour is a fair, consistent system which gives students the opportunity to correct their behaviour.  The academy aims to provide a safe, secure, supportive environment where students can learn and teachers can teach. The academy believes that students should be encouraged to adopt behaviour that supports learning and promotes good relations. Good relationships are pivotal to and at the heart of our practice. 

Policy seeks to encourage young people to make positive choices and re-enforces those choices through praise and positive reinforcement. It is recognised that even when encouraged to make the right choice, some students will occasionally make choices that threaten their own learning or that of others.  Many issues with behaviour in classrooms can be addressed through high quality teaching that is well prepared, engaging, challenging and meets the needs of all students.   At Armthorpe, we firmly believe behaviour is very much a choice. The academy works with young people and families to support students where there are behaviour issues.  All students, parents, and staff are expected to sign the home school agreement, which is built around our academy values and guides the principles upon which all three parties conduct themselves.  

Staff are expected to …

Students are expected to …

Meet and greet students at the entrance to the learning space in a calm and orderly manner.

Enter classrooms in a calm and orderly manner on time and ready to learn.

Ensure an appropriate retrieval starter is either on the whiteboard or placed in the student’s hand for them to attempt immediately on entering the classroom.

Sit in allocated seat, take coat off, put planner and equipment on the desk and attempt the retrieval starter in silence.

Implement the academy’s assertive discipline process: The Five Stages of Assertive Discipline​

  1. Praise the students meeting expectations. ​
  2. Give/repeat the assertive instruction. ​
  3. Relate to the school expectations.​
  4. Instigate the consequences pathway when required explaining the sanction, rule and reminder. ​
  5. Recognise positive response with praise

Display our school values as agreed in the home school agreement.

On occasions when poor behaviour choices are made, this means

students are expected to take responsibility, and with the support

of staff reflect upon their actions, to encourage more positive

choices moving forwards.

Use the Armthorpe Language:

  1. “Thank you for …” rather than, “Please can you …”​
  2. “What should you be doing?”​
  3. “I need you to …”​
  4. “Ryan, the instruction is to …” followed up with, if necessary, “Ryan, you have been given a direct instruction.”
  5. State “I want you to …” but refrain from asking, 

“Why are you ..?”​

Actively engage in restorative conversations if necessary to ensure every lesson is a fresh start for students.