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About Consilium

Consilium Academies is a multi-academy Trust working across the North of England. It has nine academy schools located in Yorkshire, the North West, and the North East. Consilium is dedicated to enriching lives and inspiring ambitions for both students and colleagues.

Meet our Staff

Meet our dedicated staff, here to support your child to achieve their full potential while at the Academy:

Senior Leadership Team

  • Headteacher  Mr D Bisley
  • Deputy Headteacher/Safeguarding Lead  Mr C Abraham
  • Deputy Headteacher  Miss S Hanquinioux
  • Assistant Headteacher/SENCO Mrs B Donkin
  • Assistant Headteacher Mrs T Brigden
  • Director of Pastoral Care/Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead  Mrs A Moulton
  • Business Support Officer Ms A Thompson
  • Director of Maths Mr D Booth
  • Director of Science Mr C Fox
  • Director of Creative & P A Mrs C Robinson

Inclusion Team 

  • Director of Pastoral Care/Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Mrs A Moulton
  • Student Welfare Manager/DDSL  Miss S Duffy
  • Head of Year 7  Miss S Dainty
  • Head of Year 8  Mrs L Dawson-Utley
  • Head of Year 9  Mrs Moulton (Temp)
  • Head of Year 10 Mr M Wade (Temp)  
  • Head of Year 11  Mrs J Owen
  • Learning Provision KS4  Miss J Burton
  • Learning Provision KS3 Miss L Todd
  • Supervised Learning Mrs D Crump
  • Inclusion Support Officer Mrs L-A Taylor
  • Attendance Officer  Miss H Kimber


  • Director of Maths Mr D Booth
  • Head of Department  Mr T Scotland
  • Deputy Head of Maths  Mr J Bagnall
  • Teacher  Miss S Adams
  • Teacher  Mr L Gallagher

ICT/Computer Studies

  • Head of Department  Mr G Wynne

Business & Enterprise

  • Teacher  Mr A Markham


  • Director of English/Assistant Headteacher  Mrs T Brigden
  • Deputy Head of English  Miss C Fermin
  • Teacher  Mrs D Clarke
  • Teacher  Mr J Aldridge
  • Teacher  Mrs K Reeve

Modern Foreign Language 

  • Head of Department  Mrs R Hodgson 
  • Teacher  Miss B Millar


  • Director of Science Mr C Fox
  • Head of Department  Miss V Taylor
  • Deputy Head of Science  Mr R White
  • Teacher  Mr A Burgess
  • Teacher  Mx M Lowe
  • Teacher  Mr M Mitchell
  • Science Technician  Mrs E Keeton


  • Head of Department  Mrs K Raine
  • Teacher  Miss S Hanquinioux 
  • Teacher  Miss H Dodd


  • Head of Department  Mr B Hepworth
  • Teacher  Miss H Dodd
  • Teacher  Mrs K Sowden

​​Performing Arts (PA)

  • Head of Department  Mr D O' Rourke
  • PA Teacher  Miss L Stothard

Physical Education 

  • Head of PE  Mr J Dwyer
  • Teacher  Miss H Whelan
  • Teacher  Mrs M Pressley
  • Teacher Mr J Cooper

Art, Design & Technology/Photography

  • Head of Art & Design  Mrs C Robinson
  • Teacher of Art & Design  Mrs D Kendall
  • Teacher  Mrs N Ward
  • Teacher  Mr A Markham

Relationships, Sex & Health Education (RSHE)

  • Teacher  Vacant

Cover Supervisors

  • Cover Supervisor  Mr D Allison

Learning Support Team 

  • Assistant Headteacher/SENCO Mrs B Donkin
  • Deputy SENCO Mrs N Rush
  • Librarian  Miss L Hurworth
  • Teaching Assistant  Mrs L Joyes
  • Teaching Assistant  Miss A McCauley
  • Teaching Assistant  Mrs B Wilson
  • Teaching Assistant Vacant
  • Teaching Assistant Vacant
  • Teaching Assistant Vacant

Administration Support Team

  • Office Manager/Headteacher's PA  Mrs D McKinna 
  • Pastoral Administrative Assistant  Mrs E Pippard
  • Administrative Assistant  Miss Louise Parry
  • Receptionist/Administrative Assistant  Ms L Lewin
  • Exams and Data Officer  Miss J Overed-Sayer

Site Premises Team

  • Site Manager  Miss S Donnelly 
  • Caretaker  Ms V Baynham
  • Caretaker Mr S Mallinson

IT Support

  • IT Network Engineer  Mr H Quartermaine
  • IT Support Technician Mr E Crabtree


  • Catering Manager  Mrs J Cygan
  • General Kitchen Assistant Mrs C Butler
  • Catering Assistant  Mrs D Foulkes
  • Catering Assistant  Mrs M Coopey
  • Catering Assistant  Mrs D Taylor
  • Catering Assistant  Mrs D White